Links to interwebs Channel: I stream here everyday at 5PM EST. As much as I love streaming, I am not the biggest fan of Twitch. As I've stated in the About page, my intentions is to move to a self made streaming platform on this site. So this is only temporary, at best.

LBRY Channel: YouTube alternative that can allow you to support me a little directly, but it's a good alternative to let people watch videos ad free and have more control over how to support independent creators.

Shitposter.Club Profile: Pleroma Instance community I'm a part of. Basically my new Twitter. Kinda NSFW-ish because the people I follow always repeat lewd stuff so visitors be warned.

YouTube Channel: YouTube isn't my favorite platform, but it's a tad tolerable. I'm hoping in the future I'll be able to host the videos onto this site as well, free of ads and available to download. This channel mostly hosts any highlights I bother to edit together.

@PumpkiinPriince: This is the artist responsible for the design of the frog you see everywhere on my stream and site. He did a bang up job with it, so please consider checking him out.