Who am I, and why am I a damn frog?

Hello, my name is TechUr. You might have a few questions about me. Like above, or why make my own website, maybe even if I've ever been sent to a psychiatric facility. Well one of those questions I can't answer due to government provided non-disclosure agreements, but I can happily answer the rest.

So, why a frog? It originally started as a bad trashy meme a friend made for me when I was once streaming the Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets GameBoy Color game from a while back. The compression I had was so horrible, it looked distorted. I thought it was funny, so I made that my avatar. After a while, when I had decided to try streaming more professionally, I made a more high quality image from the original texture. Which has led to paying an artist (@PumpkiinPriince on Twitter, check him out!) to make a more non-copyrighted version of the froggy boy. Which is what you now see everywhere on the site, on my Pleroma profile, Twitch channel, and in your nightmares.

The reason I have made my own site by hand is mainly because I wanted an independent platform to provide my content to the viewers at home. Not to be creatively compromised or restricted by public platforms. I've had the fear of the open internet being more and more incorporated as days went by, and now it's more of a precident than ever. In the future, I also plan to make my own streaming platform on this very site as well, but I feel that will be a ways off before that is ever accomplished. So stay tuned to the RSS feed for updates. I also have always been attracted to the technical aspects of designing webpages, and with my experience in HTML and CSS, I've decided to take a dive in full stack development. Hey, I knew the front, why not bother learning the back as well?

Streaming on Twitch has been very rewarding, meeting all walks of life tuning in and chatting with me. It truly has been so much fun to chat with you all, more so than some of the games I've played. I hope for more fun banter and discussions with you all in the future as well, everyday at 5PM Eastern Standard Time.